Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coron Island - Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is recognize as the cleanest lake in the Philippines is based in the Northern part of Coron Palawan. The lake is also named the “Blue Lagoon” mainly because of having the identical feature of the lake in the film with the same name.

With that quick details alone, it definitely gained my interest to stop by! - “Prepare to be mesmerized by its stately beauty and grace. The entrance itself is awe-inspiring, as is the view from the top. It has been hailed many times over as the cleanest fresh water lake in the country.” - Produced by Coron Travel Brochure

As I passed through the entry ways of Kayangan Lake, you'll certainly enjoy various limestone walls along with unique stone formations. Moving forward to enter into this small bay where one could park the boats. After parking it, here comes the quick walk to the mountain peak! To reach Kayangan Lake a short walk in the mountain is a necessary, so be well prepared for a little work! But be attentive in your walk, the stone is a bit complicated and somewhat unsafe.

As I walk to the mountain, the tour instruction will ask vacationer to make a little detour to catch a glimpse of a cavern. Surely you won't see anything but normally people will use the flash in there digicam to uncovered the place but it’s vacant! But as I turned around and watch, there you will be stun by the excellent scene! Incredible! This is the unique place where the fantastic shot of Philippines Palawan Coron was grabbed. Up there you can notice the bay from you've parked the boat and where you came in.

The scene what I have see can be consider as one of the most ostentatious sights of mother nature that I have ever spotted, surely it was quite a sight. I have stayed there quite a while so i could try to get pleasure from the spot, but for people who pay a visit to the place in usual hours definitely there will be another group coming in and the space will get a bit populated to you and you’ll rapidly need to leave. After it, there will be one more set of steps heading down to arrive at the lake…

I highly recommend people to come as soon as possible so you could possibly have much extended time for swimming as well as relaxing in the lake. By the way, the lake was know to be a blend of salt as well as fresh water, one thing I’m not sure is the salt is natural or came from the sweat….enjoy! Be sure to carry some Sun Protection and Bug Lotion, I remember there’s quite a lot bug flying around.

Coron Town Center normally will start since 9 AM for every traveller but there is some boatman who is prepared to initiate earlier, so consider to inquire! Acquiring the extra free time is an advantage for me. Number one, I can visit more island and different beaches; 2nd, once I arrive early I can have more time to value the views and take some spectacular photo; third I can enjoy the lake more. If you’re a excellent swimmer, you might want to explore the lake side by side or you may utilize the 2 available Bamboo Raft in the lake!

Vacationer could effortlessly remain here, for there are a bunch of Coron Hotels. But as a result of my scarcity in time, I could not stay. But I already had my plan to visit it again. Further ahead is one of several submerged Japanese Submarine from World war ii named wreck dive, yet you will need a scuba gear as well as a pro license so you could visit it but I presume some spot offer snorkel, so traveller can also delight in the coral reefs and marine life.